What Complicates Addiction Treatment

Published by Barry Allardyce on 28-March-2019. Category:Addiction

What makes addiction treatment an uphill task? When you are addicted to a drug, you can not how you use it and the odds that you will become dependent on it are high. No matter which drug you are addicted to, the uncontrollable craving grows with time.

The sad news is that quitting some drugs is harder than others. Sometimes, people quit drug use for a short while but start using them again, no matter how difficult they try. Relapse is the name given to the return to drug use.

If you are trying to quit drugs, you can have one or more relapses in your journey to recovery. In the worst scenario, you will get hooked to the drug and get out of control like earlier.

With some drugs, a relapse can be harmful or even fatal. If you consume the quantity of the drug as before, you can easily overdose. Discussed below are some of the reasons why its very hard to treat drug addiction.


Pressure is among the numerous causes of relapse in many addicts. It makes people turn to their substance of choice as a means to cope with it. If you realize that you are going through lots of stress because of recovery and life, you should find other techniques of coping with it.

The more you fail to resolve your stress, the more likely you are to return to your drugs of choice. It’s almost next to impossible to get rid of all the stress from your life. However, you can make some changes to evade it.

Loneliness and isolation

Addiction makes its victims isolate themselves from others. Separation and segregation play a critical role in contributing to drug addiction. Most addicts isolate themselves from others to get time to indulge in the drugs that they like.

Studies also show that some of the addicts who experience solitude and privacy deal with mental issues. If you want to sidestep loneliness and isolation, you should work hard to create a sober social support network.

Places or people linked to the addiction

Folks with the same addiction like yours that still engage in drugs are more likely to influence you to reverse. Experts advise that it’s better to devise plans to cope with your feelings when you are near those people or you are visiting places connected to your addiction.

Try your best to avoid the people or places combined with your addiction as much as possible to make treatment a breeze.


An idle mind is without any doubt the devil’s playground. This applies even to addiction. Most of those who resort to abusing drugs are idle and abuse drugs for convenience or exiting escape. Sooner or later they find themselves in the zigzagged path of relapse.

During treatment, you should always engage your mind on something productive like playing games or reading books and much more to avoid idleness.

Bad relationships

Addiction can ruin multiple aspects of your like like relationships, career, education, mental and beyond. If your addiction has damaged or seriously broken most of your relationships with your neighbors, friends or loved ones, you should try to foster better ties, otherwise, treatment might be hard. Just saying sorry is not enough. Stay sober if you want to heal those relationships in no time. The ugly truth is that most addicts tend to overlook the pain and damage their conditions has caused in their relations.


When our brain is forced to encounter something threatening we are wired to get into a state of denial as a defense mechanism. Most addicts see successful treatment as a threat. This takes hold of them during treatment. When in a state of denial, most addicts are likely to continue abusing drugs and pretend like they don’t know its a problem at all costs. Work hard to break through if you wish to get the most out of your dependence treatment.


Just like mentioned earlier treating a drug addiction can be hell. However, if you are keen during treatment it might not be a challenging task. If you realize that you are going back to your old habits you are swinging away from recovery. Now that you know what makes treating addictions difficult you should move away from relapse towards recovery without much struggle.