Write for us

We welcome article ideas from both lay people and experts alike, covering many different topics relating to addiction and recovery.  Please read our blog to get a better idea of the type of topics we like to publish.

Our team of editors will happily edit your article once it has been submitted. Please do not submit an article until you have corresponded with our editors. This helps to avoid the situation where you work tirelessly on an article only to have it rejected for not following our editorial and topical guidelines.

Have more questions? Please contact us here. 

We want to warn you that not everybody will qualify for writing for us. You must have been directly affected by drug or alcohol addiction yourself. We are not looking for re-written content. Instead, we only accept content that’s either written by professional addiction treatment workers or those directly affected by addiction.

Also, we seek articles with a substantial level of words. You must be willing to write a 1700+ word article to qualify. This is not easy, but it’s still the level of detail you must be able and willing to write. This typically means you must be willing to reveal personal and intermate details about either your professional work or how addiction affected you personally.

Once you have spoken to our editor and brainstormed suitable topics for your content, you must then go about writing a rough or partial draft. You will typically be asked to write a short summary of your content idea together with a short pitch. This helps us to ensure the content idea is suitable for the blog. In your pitch, summararise why your article matters to our audience. The longer and more detailed your pitch, the better our feedback will be.

Content must be 100% original. Your submission cannot be published anywhere else either online or offline. Your submission cannot be published on your own blog.

Please do not submit sales pitches or anything that may be construed as a sales pitch. Do not include any ‘call to actions’ to your own products or services or anyone else’s for that matter.

Again, look at our published articles to get a better idea of the sort of content that gets accepted.

Your submission needs to offer a solid thesis and argument. We are not looking to publish ‘how-to’s’ to ‘tips & tricks’. You submission needs to have a clear perspective. Your submission needs to be bold, interesting and human. You also need to write with a definitive audience in mind.

Your submission needs to cite all the sources you made use of when writing your submission. Fact-checking and citations are both important. We may relax this requirement if what you are writing is an obvious opinion-piece.